About Us

The WCFRS invites you to join us in the fascinating world of roses - growing, garden photography, arranging, exhibiting, hybridizing, handcrafts, or simply enjoying the beauty of the rose. The WCFRS was organized in March 2003. The WCFRS provides rose culture assistance to home gardeners, horticulturalists, and rose exhibitors.

Learn & Grow

Learn the easiest and most successful ways to grow beautiful, healthy roses.

Tour Gardens

Tour the most beautiful rose gardens throughout the Cape Fear area.

Stay Updated

Keep up to date with the latest rose culture information - fragrant heirloom varieties, garden varieties, exhibition roses, and unusual novelty varieties.

Tips & Techniques

Benefit from the tips and techniques of expert rose gardeners on topics such as pruning, landscaping with roses, and choosing the best varieties for the Cape Fear climate.

Fellow Gardeners

Enjoy the fellowship of other rose gardeners in our area and have access to other rose growers in many affiliated rose societies nationwide.

Expert Access

Access to Consulting Rosarians - Personal assistance with any rose questions you may have is available for free from a network of qualified, helpful Consulting Rosarians.